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Unauthorized Trading

Unauthorized Trading

The Blue Horizon Unauthorized Trading offering provides a platform for the proactive detection of unauthorized trading activity. With Blue Horizon, your organization can monitor risk exposure in real time, flag instances of abnormally risky behavior, and investigate and resolve cases before the risks escalate.

Who needs our help?

How to protect yourself from unauthorized risks?
How do you differentiate between acceptably risky positions and potentially catastrophic exposure? How do you identify unauthorized trades that are disguised to appear legitimate? How do you detect rogue traders who know they’re being monitored, and consequently change tactics to escape detection?

Blue Horizon provides a comprehensive technical solution that is as adaptive as the bad actors it is designed to detect.

Develop flexible risk indicators

Our risk-scoring model is informed by industry-standard, Blue Horizon proprietary, and customer-specific Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), and is designed to improve over time. As cases are resolved, the model revises itself to discount KRIs that surface false positives and reinforce KRIs that lead to the discovery of real unauthorized trading.

Monitor and detect potential rogue trading

Our model assigns riskiness scores to traders by examining correlations between KRIs in the context of overall trading activity. How has a trader’s activity changed over time? Is this trader taking abnormally risky positions relative to their peers or their own past behavior? Is this trading part of a larger pattern of risky behavior? If the behavior is deemed abnormal in comparison with these baseline indicators, our model triggers an alert to notify investigators.

Investigate and resolve cases

Once leads have been surfaced, Blue Horizon offers powerful analytical tools to dive into high-risk cases. By analyzing both structured (e.g., trade sources) and unstructured data (e.g., emails) together in context, users can understand complex relationships between traders, their trading activity, and other traders both within and beyond the enterprise. Blue Horizon also includes case management functionality to track progress from investigation through resolution.

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