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Pharma R&D

Pharma R&D

For biomedical researchers and pharmaceutical companies, Blue Horizon Pharma accelerates research by integrating disparate data, building detailed visualizations, and enabling secure, multi-dimensional analysis across teams.

Who needs our help?

Pharmaceutical companies seek to rapidly detect and respond to adverse events, expedite the submission of New Drug Applications (NDA) and Abbreviated NDAs, and significantly cut the costs involved in developing new drugs. Organizations researching and developing new medicines and treatments face significant data challenges. Disparate data sources relevant to their work are spread across multiple inflexible data warehouses, untracked files, and stovepiped repositories. Insufficient visualization frameworks reduce creativity and limit researchers’ corrective analyses. Non-existent or overly obtrusive security models prevent collaboration. Without an enterprise-wide notification system, scientists miss alerts and warning signals. Blue Horizon Pharma addresses these challenges so pharmaceutical companies can achieve their desired outcomes and people can benefit from new treatments.

Rapidly integrate structured and unstructured data

Blue Horizon Pharma provides research scientists a single point of access to the data sources relevant to their work. By quickly fusing experimental results, reaction reporting, adverse event data, drug codes, approved drug attributes, bioactive small molecule properties, protein sequences and structures, and peer-reviewed biomedical literature, Blue Horizon Pharma enables the rapid investigation of questions and sourcing of answers.

Enable wider sharing of data with proper security controls in place

Sensitive information can be widely shared only if it is appropriately secured. Blue Horizon Pharma enables flexible and finely specified access control policies. By protecting information at the level of data sources and the data object properties sourced from them, Blue Horizon Pharma enables the widest possible sharing of data without compromising data security, thereby accelerating collaboration on critical research.

Develop multi-depth search strategies to uncover crucial information

Blue Horizon Pharma enables researchers to build simple or complex multi-parameter search profiles to find the information they need. These multi-perspective and multi-depth queries can be saved to run in the background, alerting scientists to new relevant information as soon as it becomes available.

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