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Home Lending

Blue Horizon Home Lending integrates massive-scale data for rapid analysis, enabling banks to make data-driven decisions, maximize value, and contribute to a more transparent and efficiently-priced housing market

Who needs our help?

The recent financial crisis has dramatically reshaped the home lending landscape. Most lenders employ systems built years ago to solve operational challenges related to payment collection. The challenges home lenders currently face are primarily asset management problems—and costly ones. Home lenders need a way to develop dynamic home lending investment strategies and execute those strategies on the front lines. Complicating matters further is the nature of home lending data. The home lending environment presents a complex and dynamic data universe that is difficult to understand. Lenders carry data sources that are disconnected and full of dirty data, with terabytes of new data added each month. Connecting these systems is costly and time-consuming, with customized solutions taking years to build from scratch.

Understand a complex and dynamic data universe

The Blue Horizon Home Lending solution rapidly connects to legacy systems, making it possible for lenders to integrate all their data and systems into one, unified environment. Using Blue Horizon, lenders can integrate dozens of distinct data sets, including on-market house listings, valuations, automated valuation models, market forecasts, borrower credit history, and more. It doesn’t matter if the data is extremely messy or large; Blue Horizon handles it all.

Bridge backend strategy with negotiator tools

Blue Horizon Home Lending brings new capabilities to help lenders make and execute complex decisions. With all relevant data sources accessible in one environment, lenders can analyze variance across markets, test modification options, and communicate operational action. Blue Horizon Home Lending also includes a web application that lets front-line bank negotiators know whether a short sale is acceptable under bank strategy. As a result, lenders can process short sales more quickly and help borrowers avoid foreclosure.

Deploy your solution in less than three months

As a commercial off-the-shelf product, Blue Horizon Home Lending can be deployed in weeks, not years. With an open and extensible backend architecture, Blue Horizon rapidly connects to legacy systems. Once implemented, Blue Horizon Home Lending provides a daily priority list of loan-level actionable information and continuous monitoring to inform new work streams for Strategy, IT, and Operations.

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