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Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare Delivery

For healthcare providers facing an increasing
deluge of data but no way to make sense of it all, Blue Horizon Healthcare Delivery breaks down the technical barriers that prevent decision makers from uncovering treatment and process insights and improving their standard of care.

Who needs our help?

Healthcare providers seek to significantly improve the standard of care they deliver. They aim to consistently incentivize best practices across all networks of care, identify and implement evidence-based medicine, reduce readmission rates, and deliver real-time reporting of infectious diseases. Providers are also investing in the promise of personalized medicine by updating their technology with unified data integration of genomic and clinical data, entity extraction, and natural language processing of clinical notes.

Significant obstacles block providers from achieving their vision. The scale of the data, variable formats, and disconnected locations of critical healthcare information make unified analysis a significant challenge. Insufficient and inflexible data integration prevents the resolution and fusion of patient identification and records. Device, clinical, pharmaceutical, claims, accounting, and scheduling data all need to be integrated as well. On the regulatory side, providers lack the tools to provide meaningful use compliance, reporting, and health information exchanges.

Blue Horizon Health provides a solution.

Integrate enterprise and external data sources

Blue Horizon Health rapidly fuses the relevant disparate data sources, such as medical device outputs and medical codes. Establish direct connections to local datasets, perform federated searches across appropriate external data sources, and peer with partner organizations to collaborate in real time and harmonize standards.

Refine benefit delivery with evidence and predictive analysis

Blue Horizon Health enables analysts to develop models to track sequences of procedures and clinical data metrics against diagnoses that classify care. Analyze the root causes of readmission and post-surgical complications, and model medical outcomes and associated costs for targeted, preventative interventions. Develop and deploy best practice models across multiple facilities and providers.

Secure all connected data

Blue Horizon Health applies fine-grained security controls that can map to the logical divisions of healthcare delivery enterprises. Ensure users see all the data they are authorized to see and none that they are not.

We’re always looking for a challenge.

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