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Disease Response

Disease Response

Blue Horizon Disease Response equips public health organizations with the data integration and advanced analytics capabilities they require to identify sources of outbreaks and coordinate tactical responses to confirmed threats.

Who needs our help?

Public health organizations process enormous disease surveillance data and must extract signal from noise, detecting outbreaks earlier and accelerating responses to the source. They must accelerate the discovery of significant disease events and distribute notifications to all relevant partner organizations and authorities. Together, public health monitors and responders must plan large scale responses and administer resources (response personnel, reagent kits, vaccines, supplies and additional countermeasures). Significant technical obstacles exist, however: the integration of laboratory and epidemiological information; live connections to multiple relevant data sources; secure communication of data across municipal, state, and federal boundaries; and visualizations that summarize analysis from multiple agencies and provide a single unified view for senior briefings.

Blue Horizon Disease Response provides epidemiologists and laboratory scientists with a solution while protecting the privacy of affected cases.

Integrate standard and dynamic data sources

Blue Horizon Disease Response fuses all relevant information to provide a
comprehensive view of changing events. Apply the solution’s flexible data
model to integrate standardized data formats as well as ad-hoc spreadsheets,
unstructured data sources and social media inputs. Integrate with
third-party software packages that monitor open source signals. Model,
enrich, and manage fused data.

Unify and accelerate analysis

Blue Horizon Disease Response deploys advanced intelligence tools to understand and respond to medical crises. Collect all algorithms and disease projection models currently in use – typically scattered across the enterprise – and deploy them against real-time data streams, even while developing new models within the Blue Horizon Disease Response software platform.

Rapidly build visual reports to track facts on the ground

Blue Horizon Disease Response can reconstruct and inspect a history of all episodes and events to find subtle patterns. Analysts can use these patterns to explore the origins of foodborne illnesses, influenzas, and other health threats. Customize canonical visualizations and augment them with more advanced analyses to create a cohesive view of current outbreaks and emerging threats, replacing hand-built summaries and briefings.

Respond now and adapt in the future

Blue Horizon Disease Response provides a secure and unified collaborative environment and a suite of capabilities to respond to widespread health threats. Timely intelligence can inform the countermeasures that stop diseases before they turn into epidemics or pandemics. Blue Horizon Disease Response also features an open API infrastructure to allow for interoperability with existing systems as well as easy expansion, enabling public health enterprises to accommodate new occupational health and safety standards, adapt to changing security/HIPAA compliance requirements, and extend analytic capabilities as their analytic workflows evolve.

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