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About Blue Horizon Technologies

Blue Horizon is a bootstrapped and privately held company. We are breathing software development. At Blue Horizon we’re all engineers, and we’re focused on solving the hardest problems we can find.

Where we are going

With an explosion of data we are at the beginning of a revolution. The opportunity and need to find insights and value through analytics increases as the volume and velocity of data continues to expand.

We are engineers on a mission. We go where we’re needed most and deploy our analytic technology and products at the most critical government, commercial, and non-profit institutions in the world to solve problems we hadn’t even dreamed of back in 3 march 2003 when we founded our company Blue Horizon. Since then we’ve retained our early-stage values: a startup culture, strong “rolling up the shirt sleeves” work ethic and a pragmatic way of doing things

How it all started

Ten years ago Peter ter Borg and Richard van der Horst co-founded Blue Horizon, set out to develop creative technology that would transform the way organizations use their data.

We currently offer a suite of software applications for integrating, visualizing and analyzing the world’s information. We support many kinds of data including structured, unstructured, relational, temporal and geospatial. Our products are built for real analysis with a focus on security, scalability, ease of use and collaboration. They are broadly deployed in the healthcare, law enforcement. legal and financial communities, and are spreading rapidly by word of mouth into applications in other industries and realms of impact.

Blue Horizon Technologies is headquartered in downtown Rotterdam, the Netherlands with offices around the world.

We’re always looking for a challenge.

If you have a hard problem to solve or a big idea you want to bring into the world – let us know about it.
We’ll reply within 24 hours.